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PPI Expert is one of the Scotland and the UK's foremost Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) Reclaim specialists.

If you have taken out a Loan, Mortgage, Credit Card with PPI in the last 10 years then you may be entitled to reclaim back £3,500.

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Recently won PPI Claim cases:
> Mr and Mrs D reclaimed £3,012 from RBS
> Mr H reclaimed £18,000 from First Plus
> Mr P reclaimed £9,000 from Lloyds TSB

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> One of the UK's foremost PPI reclaim specialists

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What exactly is PPI and how does it affect you?

Firstly, Payment Protection Insurance or now commonly know in abbreviated term as PPI is essentially an insurance policy to which sits along side loans to protect against the risk of unemployment or sickness which could result in the borrower unable to meet their monthly repayments.

Why has Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) been so controversial recently?

Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) remains highly controversial due to the manner in which it was sold to the majority of borrowers. In fact it has been said that it could be as high as 80% of all Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) policies were mis-sold. As a net result the financial regulator initially fined the major offenders, such as Lloyds, RBS, Alliance and Leicester, Capital, Egg to name just a handful.

So how were these policies mis-sold to us?

PPI was sold to us in many ways, for example it was just not explained to us fully when we took out the policy to establish whether Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) was right for us or if we could benefit from it in the future such those in the public sector, the self-employed or anybody with a pre-existing medical condition. In the worst instances the lender simply added Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) to the policy without even advising the customer.

What was the average cost of PPI?

Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) was an extremely expensive form of Insurance. The Citizens Advice Bureau found that in many cases Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) accounted for up to 50% of the value of the personal loan. Anything below 20% was very rare is the Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) was bought directly from the provider.

But was Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) not worth having should I loose my income.

Unlikely. The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) stated that infact that every 4 in 5 Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) claims were rejected by the lenders. As a net result, even if you find yourself to be insured it is unlikely that the Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) would cover your repayments.

I was informed by the lender that I had to take out PPI in order to qualify for the loan. Is this a fact?

Definitely not. This was just another underhand tactic by the lenders to trick us into taking Payment Protection Insurance (PPI). The FSA rules state quite clearly sate that it is against their rules for a lander to imply this.

How do I make a PPI Refund claim?

Easy, contact us - PPI Expert. We’re one of the Scotland and the UK’s largest PPI claim experts. PPI Expert will take you through the minefield of reclaiming your Payment Protection Insurance (PPI).

It has been said by some parties that making a PPI claim is as easy as just writing a letter to your bank and asking for you money back. Hardly. In a handful of cases it is certainly easier to reclaim PPI than others but rest assured banks are not in the habit of handing money out for free without putting up a fight!

That’s where PPI Expert comes in because we’re your PPI Expert. We take your case on a ‘No Win No Fee’ basis - that means we will not charge or ask for ANY upfront fees or payments.

You simply can’t loose. Our team of trained PPI experts and solicitors take the hassle and stress out of negotiating with your lender. We’ll state your case and where appropriate take your PPI claim to the Financial Ombusman to ensure you get the refund you deserve.

Claim Your PPI Refund: PPI Expert is one of the UK's foremost PPI Reclaim specialists. Get a Refund on Mis Sold PPI. Contact PPI Expert today to Start your PPI Claim.

Telephone PPI Expert today on 0115 827 7150 or complete our confidential enquiry form and we’ll begin you PPI Refund immediately.

UK Banks Badly Hit By Missold PPI Scandal

The mis-sold PPI scandal came out in the open in 2006 when first complaints were lodged against banks and financial institutions for having sold policies that offered no benefits whatsoever. Since then, banks and financial institutions have been compelled to pay billions of pounds as compensation to victims of mis-sold PPI policies. As the number of complaints filed by the Citizens Advice Bureau continued to grow, the Office of Fair Trading and the Financial Services Authority stepped in and started investigating the issue. Once guilt was established and once the court ordered companies to pay compensation, hundreds of thousands of individuals have filed claims seeking compensation.

Data relating to 2011 indicates that banks received a large number of complaints from customers on issues relating to mis-sold PPI policies. Around 47% of all complaints received by the Royal Bank of Scotland were related to PPI policies. This figure was 31% for NatWest bank. Of course, banks have also been compelled to refund billions of pounds to affected customers. The claims filed in 2001 resulted in outflow of £850 million for RBS. Recovering the money can be very eas process provided you analyze your case and determine whether you are a victim of missold PPI policies. If you have gone in for a financial loan or any other financial product in the past 10 years, then you need to analyze your account and determine whether PPI was added to the transaction without your consent. If yes, then you too can recover the money charged to your account.

Payment protection insurance is designed to help individuals continue loan repayments even in the event of loss of job, sickness or other complications affecting the ability to earn steady income. If the premium on the PPI policy is fully paid, then the policy will step in and take care of repayment until the policy holder starts earning again. However, these policies were sold to many individuals who were not eligible to purchase the same. These individuals can and should recover the money they paid. On average, a successful PPI claim helps the borrower recover £3,000. Banks and financial institutions are expected to set aside around £7-8 billion to settle mis sold PPI cases. Statistics provided by the FOS indicates that the crisis has not come to an end yet. More than 285,000 new cases have been filed this year as compared to the 259,000 new cases received the previous year.

PPI Claims are showing no sign of slowing down. During the first half of 2011 as much as 31% of all complaints received by Natwest and 47% from RBS were for Payment Protection Insurance claims (PPI).

Just recently Barclays Bank disclosed that they had received as many as 73,000 Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) and forecasted that this trend would continue for the forceable future. Lloyds also disclosed that Payment Protection Insurance claims (PPI) also had grown to over two hundred thousand PPI complaints in the first half of the year alone.

Make your Payment Protection Insurance Claim (PPI) with PPI Expert:

For many not every complaint guaranteed compensation for Payment Protection Insurance (PPI), thankfully though PPI Expert, a Payment Protection Insurance claims (PPI Claims specialist), has been achieving an unprecedented 94% PPI reclaim success rate for 2011.

Bankers Liability

Many of the UK's biggest banks are are facing enormous Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) compensation bills, for instance:
  • Lloyds TSB £3.2bn - Payment Protection Insurance (PPI)
  • Barclays Bank £1bn - Payment Protection Insurance (PPI)
  • RBS £850m - Payment Protection Insurance (PPI)
  • Santander Bank £731m - Payment Protection Insurance (PPI)
  • HSBC Bank £269bn - Payment Protection Insurance (PPI)
As recent as August 2011 the financial Ombusman (FOS) disclosed that it was receiving in excess of 900 Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) claims every day of the week which was making up as much as 65% of their workload.